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How to create your own website from scratch

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Well Sometime People ask me,  What do you do for a living? I simply told them, “I am a Web Developer and Graphics Designer and I Do Websites Designing”. And you know whats their reply ? “Wow Amazing, I wish I can do that”

Note: If you are expert in Web Designing then this is not the article that you looking for, its for beginners only.

Designing a website is not that difficult but neither its a piece of cake. You can create your website with in one day. Here I am going to explain every single detail that you need to start your own website. Of-course creating a website will cost you few bucks. If you just want to do experiment then you can also build it free, But here I want to tell you if you are going to do serious business then you must have to spend some bucks. Dont worry you can earn from your website as well. But I am gonna cover that in other tutorial. This tutorial is only for how to create your own website from scratch.

Okay lets start, First thing first. Even though there is no hard and fast rule to follow specific sequence but the below sequence is recommended.

List of things you need to start a Website :

Step 1: Domain (Website) Name (e.g.
Step 2: Hosting Account (Hosting is just like your computer Hard Drive, where you have to put all of your website data)
Step 3: Content Management System [CMS] (It helps to organize/control your website easily from back end/admin panel)
Step 4: Content (Content/Material that you want to upload on your website)

Its better to prepare the content and selection of CMS and Theme earlier, To decrease the delay later on.

Step 1: Domain Name

Domain name of every website is unique, This is also called URL of website that we type in address bar of browser like First You need to register the domain name from any domain registrar. Some of the sites mentioned below are usually used by me to register the domain name:

Domain extensions

Domain extensions

Even and also offer to register the new domain names. But I always prefer over other registrar.

Its really easy to register the domain name and you can register only those domain names which are available, means If it not already registered by someone. So register as soon as possible before someone take your domain name.

You will see different price of different registrar.  Domain price also depend upon domain extension. Like if you want to register “.com” domain name then it will cost you approx 10$ yearly and if you want to purchase “.in” domain it will cost you 4$ approx per year.

So I hope now you know the first requirement and how to get Domain name.

Those who looking for Free Domain Names:

If some websiteswill offer you Free Domain Name then either its not TLD domain or they are selling TLD domain names with some conditions. There is nothing free in this world.

Now Question arises in your mind: “What is TLD domain ?”

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. Its the highest level in Domain Name system. Like If some one give you this domain name : then its not TLD one, Its actually sub-domain on site .

Same thing is done by website This website actually offers you Free Sub-Domains not TLD domain name. All the website who are registered on Co.Cc are not TLD domains.

In short you can say you will get only sub-domains as Free not TLD domains. IF you are looking domain name for professional business then surely you will have to register TLD domain name and if you just want to do some testing on website or just for  knowledge sake then you can go for these Freely available sub-domains.

For more info on TLD Domain, You can refer this Article.

Step 2: Hosting Account

So once you purchase domain name next thing you will need is HOSTING. In simple language Hosting is similar as you computer Hard Drive. Only difference is on Computer your local Hard Disk, you can access it locally only and Hosting is your Web Disk, Means anyone on internet can access the content that you uploaded on that Web Disk.

There are some things that you have to keep in mind while buying hosting account.

1. Programming Language Support: Is you Hosting supporting the web language that you are going to use for your website designing. Like PHP,ASP, JAVA etc …

Because some hosting only support PHP files not .ASP or JAVA So before buying make sure its compatible with your programming language.

2. Reliability : Are they real people who are providing you hosting ?  I see many people  shouting like “Hosting Scams”.

Whats the story behind such scams, Lemme through some light on it. First Scammer bought Reseller Server (of-course at very cheap price like 3$ or 5$ per month) and start selling hosting accounts to people. Lets suppose they are selling hosting 5$ for one year and he found 20 such people who thought its good deal to buy such cheap hosting only 5 bucks for a year rather than to pay 5$ monthly to reputed hosting companies. So that person who is scammer he/she earned 5*20 =100$ by just spending 5$ per month, Profit =95$. And after one month or may be earlier he/she will just shutdown all those 20 hosting accounts and will never respond back to any of your email or any other sort of communication. He will appear again with different name to attract other people. Hence this process goes on and even most of people don’t care if such thing thing happens because 5$ is small amount for them in case he/she lost it.

So I suggest you to only buy it from reputed Hosting companies.

I will name here some of them:web hosting

There are other Reliable Host too. I just name some of the good hosting providers. These are good hosting provider. Choice is yours depend on your budget. You can search it on Google for this.

3. Up-time: There is nothing like 100% up-time, if someone claims. Server will surely goes offline or down for few minutes or seconds in a month. After all they are machines they cannot work like idle one. So most of good host claimed 99.9% up-time that’s acceptable.

4. Price: Of-course this factor matters a lot from person to person. Just take a look which price suits you best go for that, Kindly don’t compromise price vs good Hosting company. They are charging you few bucks more because of their better  service.

For beginner you will only need to buy shared hosting account.

Once you buy hosting they will email you the detail of your hosting account.

Step 3: Content Management System (CMS)

Now you fulfilled two basic requirement for website designing. Next thing is CMS i.e. Content Management System. There are few open source CMS available on internet. Believe me, designing/maintaining your website using CMS is much better and easier than manually creating and editing each webpage (like HTML websites) without any control panel.

Few top most  Free CMS system:content-management-system

Initially you will find difficulties, How to use/operate these scripts. But I am sure after using it for few days you will figure it out, how to use them. There are tons of free video tutorials available on these CMS over internet.

There are other custom CMS or Custom back-end scripts and PAID CMS system also available, You can search it on Google but for beginner the above mentioned are the best according to the preference.

Once you choose the CMS system then you need to install it on you hosting account that you bought in STEP 2. Like you install software on your hard Disk, here you have to install on your Web Disk.

Step 4: Content

This is the final and most crucial stage. Most of people don’t know after buying domain name and hosting what they are going to postcontent on website. Basically you will need really good content for your website or in other words you can say totally unique content. If you will going to start blog then you really need a good writer who can write impressive articles, essays etc… If you don’t have don’t worry you can hire writers over internet. But here I am stressing on Unique content , there is no use of copying content from some other website  and paste it on your own website. If you really need good number of vistors to visit you site again and again of-course you need some thing new, some thing powerful which attracts your customer to revert back on your website.

So choose that field in which you have strong knowledge, in which you have good command over content.

So that’s it for starting a new website.There is lots of – lots of more thing that you will learn slowly with time once you started. I learn everyday something new during Web Designing and Graphics Designing. So more you practice yourself more you will get.

and Yes Be Aware of scammers!! Once you come into web development you really need to stay awake from such things.

So now you now what things needed to create your own website from scratch. Congratulations you are no more newbie. Anyways if you have any question about how to create website please comment below.


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