Hard Disk failure and Importance of data backups

Imagine that you are working on computer, listening your favorite music, doing your office work and your system freezes suddenly and once you restart it will stuck at boot screen by saying “Operating system not found”

Yes, It could happen to any one and today I learnt lesson that how important is backing up data at regular interval before your hard disk fail. hard disk failure is very common. If you google hard disk failure you will find lots of posts and videos and multiple reasons for hard disk failure. It was another beautiful day and I was working on my laptop as usual and suddenly my laptop freezes and restarted. on laptop. so I googled the error and I was almost certain that my HDD failed. I been thinking to taking back of my data since last couple weeks but never get time to do so. Last time i made data backup was 2 years ago and now my hard drive said goodbye to me. Now I realized if I had taken backup then I probably don’t have to spent thousands of dollar to recover it.

Hard drives are very sensitive. There are multiple reason why your hard drive failed. It could be hard drive head stuck on platter, hard drive  platter gone bad with time, hard drive head broken, hard drive motor gone bad or worst case scenario is damaged by flood. You should be ready in any case scenario.

Anyways I watched couple videos the causes of Hard disk failure and how to fix them. Some of them are saying don’t open HDD except in a clean room. But there was a quick fix if head got stuck on platter. So I decided to open my HDD irrespective of dust in normal room. I struggled little bit to open it because it has some hidden screws under the label. Finally when I opened it I saw HDD head was stuck on platter. I tried to rotate the HDD platter but it did not work so I used little more force and it snapped the HDD head from HDD head arm and phew! Everything  gone and now I am not able to recover data unless I change the entire HDD head assembly.

So my point is you should make regular data backup’s irrespective if you have brand new HDD or 4 years old HDD. Making HDD back up is much more cheaper than recovering data. I requested couple quotes and everyone was asking at least $700 to recover it, the data recover window varies from $700 –  $2000 depends on how critical data is and how urgent you need and HDD condition.

I am sure lots of reader already gone through such experience but if you never had Hard disk failure then its good time to make it data backup and be one step ahead of technology.

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