Truth about spying chip inside Samsung batteries

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Rumor : Samsung phone’s have spying chip inside batteries

Since last couple days there is viral photos and videos shared on social media ( Facebook, What’s app, YouTube) that Samsung phone’s battery has spy chip , a thin plastic sheet with set of coiled wires embedded on it as in below image, which is used to transmit your personal data, photos and track phone or person activity. I personally received couple texts and videos made by different users. People asking others to remove the chip from battery.

Samsung NFC chip

NFC chip inside Samsung battery

NFC antenna on battery

NFC antenna on battery


Truth: Truth about spying chip inside Samsung batteries is that above information is not true. Yes, you read correctly it is wrong information. There is no spying chip inside Samsung batteries. The chip they are highlighting is called NFC ( Near Field Communication). If you look at your battery correctly it will clearly say “Near Field Communication” on battery itself.
See the below image if you cannot find:

Samsung Battery NFC

Samsung battery Near Field Communication

So next question will be in your mind: If this is not spy chip, whats the use of NFC chip in battery ?

Well, NFC is used for various purposes like Google Wallet, Wireless charging, NFC data transfer by tapping phones (some new Samsung phone models has NFC photo transfer feature)

Did you ever tap your credit card (Pay pass or Pay wave credit card) or use your NFC tag to open apartment door, its the same technique. That NFC chip running embedded code which helps to perform various NFC functions.

So you should not be worry about your data or if someone is tracking your movements , no one is stealing your data or spying on you. If you remove that chip your phone will work fine too but it won’t perform certain functions like wireless data transfer using taping phones or google wallet for shopping etc.

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