Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What services are offered by

Ans: Currently we offers following services:

  • Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Portal Design
  • Forums Design
  • Graphics Designing
  • Banner Design
  • Icons Design
  • Logo Design
  • Video Tutorials

Ques: Which web softwares are used by ?

Ans: We uses Open Source software’s as well as premium for web development. Some of them are:

Ques: Did provide Website maintaince?

Ans: Currently do not provide this facility. May be its available in near future.

Ques: How many days it took to design a website?

Ans: It’s totally depend upon the project to project. Some projects are pretty complex and big while others are easy and small. Also other factors have to take in consideration like how fast  feedback given by customer when we contact you regarding some query.

Ques: How to create an account on Logic Matters ?

Ans: Only team members can have access to login. We will setup an account for you and provide you login detail if required.

Ques: When I am supposed to pay ?

Ans: You have to pay 50% of total project cost in advance and rest 50% after work.

Ques: What will you do, if I do not like your design?

Ans: This never happened before, We send different layout to our clients. If client do not like the layout then we will send new layout or change design according to client requirement until client is satisfied with the design. Once client approved the layout and design then only we will start the work on coding and designing of website. But if you dont like our design and want to move with some other client we will be happy to give 100% refund.

Ques: If I don’t like the work, Will my advance payment be refunded ?

Ans: Yes, we will refund the complete amount if you don’t want to continue with us.*

Ques: If after placing order I am backing up, Will my payment be refunded ?

Ans: We highly recommend read our Terms and Condition before placing order and sign up on our website, If you are cancelling order without any reason or due to your own negligence then partial payment will be refunded not the whole amount.*

Ques: What Forms Of Payment Does Accept?

Ans: Currently  purchases can be made either with cash or PayPal only. For other methods of payment please contact us directly.

Ques: How provide online (live) support?

Ans: We do provide support via Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype.


If you have any other query, You can always contact us using this Form.


Conditions Apply:

*10% of the total project cost will be cut down during refund, if you are cancelling order without any reason or due to your own negligence.

* After completion of more than  50% of work you cannot cancel the project at this stage. If you do then your advance payment will not be refunded.

*You won’t be able to use the same design in future that is designed by and all files related to this must be deleted from your server if hosted on yours.